North America

Where To Purchase Natural Intimacy Products In North America

You're currently visiting, the official website for Natural Intimacy in Europe. By purchasing from this website directly you guarantee that all of the products you receive are genuine Natural Intimacy branded products. Our values and standards delivered in your product. We ship from Spain. From Barcelona to be exact. Not only does this ensure prompt delivery for mainland Europe, it helps reduce the carbon footprint of your delivery had you of ordered from further afield. Logical.


If you need delivery to North America you can click one of the links below to find the closest store to you which should be the cheapest, quickest and most carbon efficient.



Visit our Canadian website to order in Canada. It's in English and the prices are in Canadian Dollars.


United States of America

Visit our US website to order in the USA. It's in English and the prices are in US Dollars.



Visit our Mexican website to order in Mexico. It's in Spanish and the prices are in Mexican Pesos.


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